Detailed program

ICFHR 2014 Detailed Program
Zeus Conference Hall
Conference Center, Creta Maris

Monday, 1 September 2014




Tutorial 1

Handwritten Text Recognition: Word-Graphs, Keyword Spotting and Computer Assisted Transcription
Moisés Pastor, Verónica Romero, Joan Andreu Sánchez, Alejandro H. Toselli and Enrique Vidal

Tutorial 2

Statistical Models for Handwriting Recognition and Retrieval
Gernot A. Fink


Coffee break


Tutorial 1

Handwritten Text Recognition: Word-Graphs, Keyword Spotting and Computer Assisted Transcription
Moisés Pastor, Verónica Romero, Joan Andreu Sánchez, Alejandro H. Toselli and Enrique Vidal

Tutorial 2

Statistical Models for Handwriting Recognition and Retrieval
Gernot A. Fink




Tutorial 1

Handwritten Text Recognition: Word-Graphs, Keyword Spotting and Computer Assisted Transcription
Moisés Pastor, Verónica Romero, Joan Andreu Sánchez, Alejandro H. Toselli and Enrique Vidal

Tutorial 3

Automatic signature verification: state of the art and recent trends
Angelo Marcelli, Guiseppe Pirlo, Marcus Liwicki, Michael Blumenstein


Coffee break


Tutorial 1

Handwritten Text Recognition: Word-Graphs, Keyword Spotting and Computer Assisted Transcription
Moisés Pastor, Verónica Romero, Joan Andreu Sánchez, Alejandro H. Toselli and Enrique Vidal

Tutorial 3

Automatic signature verification: state of the art and recent trends
Angelo Marcelli, Guiseppe Pirlo, Marcus Liwicki, Michael Blumenstein




Welcome Reception – Pithos Restaurant Veranda, Creta Maris Beach Resort

Tuesday, 2 September 2014




Opening Ceremony


IAPR Invited Talk I

Jeremy Bentham and the Computer Age: Reflections on Crowdsourcing the Transcription of Handwritten Documents
Prof. Philip Schofield, Bentham Project, Faculty of Laws, University College London


Session 1: Word Spotting
Chair: Véronique Églin

A Simple and Fast Word Spotting Method
Alon Kovalchuk, Lior Wolf and Nachum Dershowitz

Segmentation-based Historical Handwritten Word Spotting using Document-Specific Local Features
Konstantinos Zagoris, Ioannis Pratikakis and Basilis Gatos

An Historical Handwritten Arabic Dataset for Segmentation-Free Word Spotting – HADARA80P
Werner Pantke, Martin Dennhardt, Daniel Fecker, Volker Märgner and Tim Fingscheidt


Coffee break


Session 2: Document Image Pre-processing Techniques
Chair: Nikos Papamarkos

Text/Non-Text Classification in Online Handwritten Documents with Recurrent Neural Networks
Truyen Van Phan and Masaki Nakagawa

Handwritten/printed text separation Using pseudo-lines for contextual re-labeling
Ahmad Montaser Awal, Abdel Belaïd and Vincent Poulain d’Andecy

Visual perception of unitary elements for layout analysis of unconstrained documents in heterogeneous databases
Baptiste Poirriez, Aurélie Lemaitre and Bertrand Coüasnon

A Novel Transcript Mapping Technique for Handwritten Document Images
Nikolaos Stamatopoulos, Basilis Gatos and Georgios Louloudis

Bleed-through Removal by Learning a Discriminative Color Channel
Mauricio Villegas and Alejandro H. Toselli




Session 3: Signature Verification
Chair: Réjean Plamondon

Poset Description of Grid Features and Application to Off-Line Signature Verification
Elias N. Zois, Evangelos Zervas, Konstantina Barkoula, George Economou and Spiros Fotopoulos

Cognitive Inspired Model to Generate Duplicated Static Signature Images
Moises Diaz-Cabrera, Miguel A. Ferrer and Aythami Morales

On-line Signature Verification by Multi-Domain Classification
Giuseppe Pirlo, Vito Cuccovillo, Donato Impedovo and Paolo Mignone

Automatic Online Signature Verification based only on FHE Features: an Oxymoron ?
Marianela Parodi, Juan C. Gómez, and Linda Alewijnse

A Robust Online Signature based Cryptosystem
Ashok K. Bhateja, Santanu Chaudhury and Praveen K. Saxena


Coffee break


Poster Session 1

Hybrid Feature Selection for Historical Document Layout Analysis
Hao Wei, Kai Chen, Rolf Ingold and Marcus Liwicki

LAMIS-MSHD: A Multi-Script offline Handwriting Database
Chawki Djeddi, Abdeljalil Gattal, Labiba Souici-Meslati, Imran Siddiqi, Youcef Chibani and Haikal El Abed

Text Line Segmentation for Handwritten Documents Using Constrained Seam Carving
Xi Zhang and Chew Lim Tan

A Novel Feature Selection and Extraction Technique for Classification
Kratarth Goel, Raunaq Vohra and Ainesh Bakshi

Assisting Forensic Writer Verification by Visualizing Diversity of Digit Handwritings: An Approach by Multidimensional Scaling of Earth Mover’s Distance
Yoshinori Akao, Atsushi Yamamoto and Yoshiyasu Higashikawa

Online Handwritten Stroke Type Determination Using Descriptors Based on Spatially and Temporally Neighboring Strokes
Yuto Yamaji, Tomoyuki Shibata and Yojiro Tonouchi

Connected Bond Recognition for Handwritten Chemical Skeletal Structural Formulas
Peng Tang, Siu Cheung Hui and Chi-Wing Fu

A Novel HMM Decoding Algorithm Permitting Long-Term Dependencies and its Application to Handwritten Word Recognition
Volkmar Frinken, Ryosuke Kakisako and Seiichi Uchida

Applications of Recurrent Neural Network Language Model in Offline Handwriting Recognition and Word Spotting
Nan Li, Jinying Chen, Huaigu Cao, Bing Zhang  and Prem Natarajan

A Coarse-to-Fine Approach for Layout Analysis of Ancient Manuscripts
Abedelkadir Asi, Rafi Cohen, Klara Kedem, Itshak Dinstein and Jihad El-Sana

Table detection in handwritten chemistry documents using conditional random fields
Nabil Ghanmi and Abdel Belaïd

Novel Handwritten Words and Documents Databases of Five Middle Eastern Languages
Nicola Nobile, Muna Khayyat, Louisa Lam and Ching Y. Suen

A Comparison of Recognition Strategies for Printed/Handwritten Composite Documents
Bastien Moysset, Ronaldo Messina and Christopher Kermorvant

Recognition of Spatial Relations in Mathematical Formulas
Fotini Simistira, Vassilis Papavassiliou, Vassilis Katsouros and George Carayannis

Evaluating Threshold for Retraining Rule in Semi-Supervised Learning using Multi-Expert System
Sebastiano Impedovo, Donato Barbuzzi and Giuseppe Pirlo

A* Path Planning for Line Segmentation of Handwritten Documents
Olarik Surinta, Michiel Holtkamp, Faik Karabaa, Jean-Paul van Oosten, Lambert Schomaker and Marco Wiering

Word-Graph and Character-Lattice Combination for KWS in Handwritten Documents
Joan Puigcerver, Alejandro H. Toselli and Enrique Vidal

Improving Signature-Based Biometric Cryptosystems Using Cascaded Signature Verification-Fuzzy Vault (SV-FV) Approach
George S. Eskander, Robert Sabourin and Eric Granger

Evaluation of Geometric Context Models for Handwritten Numeral String Recognition
Yi-Chao Wu, Fei Yin and  Cheng-Lin Liu

A two stage approach for handwritten Malayalam character recognition
Jomy John, K. V. Pramod, Kannan Balakrishnan and Bidyut B. Chaudhuri

Text Alignment from Bimodal Mathematical Expression Sources
Sofiane Medjkoune, Harold Mouchère, Simon Petitrenaud, Christian Viard–Gaudin

Flexible Sequence Matching Technique: Application to Word Spotting in Degraded  Documents
Tanmoy Mondal, Nicolas Ragot, Jean-Yves Ramel and Umapada Pal

A New Method for Writer Identification based on  Histogram Symbolic Representation
Alireza Alaei and Partha Pratim Roy

Neuromuscular Representation and Synthetic Generation of Handwritten Whiteboard Notes
Andreas Fischer, Réjean Plamondon, Christian O’Reilly and Yvon Savaria

e-Crowds: a mobile platform for browsing and searching in historical demography-related manuscripts
Pau Riba, Jon Almazán, Alicia Fornés, David Fernández-Mota, Ernest Valveny and Josep Lladós

A semi-incremental recognition method for on-line handwritten English text
Cuong Tuan Nguyen, Bilan Zhu and Masaki Nakagawa

Combination of Features for Efficient Recognition of Offline Handwritten Devanagari Words
Bikash Shaw, Ujjwal Bhattacharya and Swapan K. Parui

An MQDF-CNN Hybrid Model for Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
Yanwei Wang, Xin Li, Changsong Liu, Xiaoqing Ding and Youxin Chen

Stroke level user-adaptation for stroke order free online handwriting recognition
D. Dutta, A. Roy Chowdhury, Ujjwal Bhattacharya and Swapan K. Parui


Session 4: Applications I
Chair: Venu Govindaraju

A graph modeling strategy for multi-touch gesture recognition
Zhaoxin Chen, Eric Anquetil, Harold Mouchère and Christian Viard-Gaudin

Towards style-based dating of historical documents
Sheng He, Petros Sammara, Jan Burgers and Lambert Schomaker

Off-line Handwritten Bilingual Name Recognition for Student Identification in an Automated Assessment System
Hemmaphan Suwanwiwat, Vu Nguyen, Michael Blumenstein and Umapada Pal

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


IAPR Invited Talk II

Handwriting: New Times, New Needs
Dr. Hans-Leo Teulings, NeuroScript, Tempe, Arizona, USA


Session 5: Neural Networks for Handwriting Recognition
Chair: Robert Sabourin

Fast and robust training of recurrent neural networks for offline handwriting recognition
Patrick Doetsch, Michal Kozielski and Hermann Ney

Dropout improves Recurrent Neural Networks for Handwriting Recognition
Vu Pham, Théodore Bluche, Christopher Kermorvant  and Jérôme Louradour

Handwritten Character Recognition by Alternately Trained Relaxation Convolutional Neural Network
Chunpeng Wu, Wei Fan, Yuan He, Jun Sun and Satoshi Naoi

The A2iA Multi-lingual Text Recognition System at the second Maurdor Evaluation
Théodore Bluche, Maxime Knibbe, Ronaldo Messina, Mohamed Faouzi Benzeghiba, Jérôme Louradour and Christopher Kermorvant

Irrelevant Variability Normalization via Hierarchical Deep Neural Networks for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
Jun Du


Coffee break


Session 6: Online Handwriting Recognition
Chair: Christian Viard-Gaudin

Writer Adaptation using Bottleneck Features and Discriminative Linear Regression for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
Jun Du, Jin-Shui Hu, Bo Zhu, Si Wei and Li-Rong Dai

A Tibetan Component Representation Learning Method for Online Handwritten Tibetan Character Recognition
Long-Long Ma and Jian Wu

Using Off-line Features and Synthetic Data for On-line Handwritten Math Symbol Recognition
Kenny Davila, Stephanie Ludi and Richard Zanibbi

Large Improvement in Line-direction-free and Character-orientation-free On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition
Yuechan Hao, Bilan Zhu and Masaki Nakagawa

OHRS-MEWA: On-line Handwriting Recognition System with Multi-Environment Writer Adaptation
Lobna Haddad, Tarek M. Hamdani and Adel M. Alimi




Session 7:  Language Models for Handwriting Recognition
Chair: Enrique Vidal

Open-lexicon Language Modeling Combining Word and Character Levels
Michał Kozielski, Martin Matysiak, Patrick Doetsch, Ralf Schlüter and Hermann Ney

An intelligent sample selection approach to language model adaptation for hand-written text recognition
Jafar Tanha, Jesse de Does and Katrien Depuydt


Coffee break


Poster Session 2

A Bayesian Approach to Script Independent Multilingual Keyword Spotting
Gaurav Kumar and Venu Govindaraju

Learning-free text-image alignment for medieval manuscripts
Yann Leydier, Véronique Églin, Stéphane Brès, Dominique Stutzmann

A Database of On-line Handwritten Mixed Objects named “Kondate”
Tomohisa Matsushita and Masaki Nakagawa

Automatic Handwritten Indian Scripts Identification
Rajmohan Pardeshi, Bidyut B. Chaudhuri, Mallikarjun Hangarge  and K.C. Santosh

Segmentation-free Keyword Spotting for Bangla Handwritten Documents
Xi Zhang, Umapada Pal and Chew Lim Tan

Word Spotting using Radial Descriptor
Majeed Kassis and Jihad El-Sana

Constrained AdaBoost for Totally-Ordered Global Features
Ryota Ogata, Minoru Mori, Volkmar Frinken and Seiichi Uchida

Word Spotting in Handwritten Text Using Contour-based Models
Angelos P. Giotis, Demetrios P. Gerogiannis and Christophoros Nikou

Offline Hand-Written Musical Symbol Recognition
Sukalpa Chanda, Debleena Das, Umapada Pal and Fumitaka Kimura

Writing Type and Language Identification in Heterogeneous and Complex Documents
David Hebert, Philippine Barlas, Clement Chatelain, Sebastien Adam and Thierry Paquet

Real-time Segmentation of On-line Handwritten Arabic Script
George Kour and Raid Saabne

Pixel Level Handwritten and Printed Content Discrimination in Scanned Documents
Mathias Seuret, Marcus Liwicki and Rolf Ingold

A Neural Network Based Distance Function for the k-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
Szilárd Vajda and Barna Szocs

Feature Weighted Support Vector Machines for Writer-independent On-line Signature Verification
Jacques Swanepoel and Johannes Coetzer

An Interactive Tool for Forensic Handwriting Examination
Antonio Parziale, Adolfo Santoro, Angelo Marcelli, Anna Paola Rizzo, Cristiano Molinari, Andrea Giuseppe Cappuzzo and Fabio Fontana

Improving Isolated Digit Recognition using a Combination of Multiple Features
Abdeljalil Gattal, Youcef Chibani, Chawki Djeddi and Imran Siddiqi

Segmentation of Touching Component in Arabic Manuscripts
Nabil Aouadi, Afef Kacem and Abdel Belaïd

A Machine Learning Approach to Detection of Core Region of Online Handwritten Bangla Word Samples
Sudarshan Baral, Soumik Bhattacharya, Anirban Chakraborty, Ujjwal Bhattacharya and Swapan Kr. Parui

Segmentation of Historical Handwritten Documents into Text Zones and Text Lines
Basilis Gatos, Georgios Louloudis and Nikolaos Stamatopoulos

Grouping Historical Postcards Using Query-by-Example Word Spotting
Gernot Fink, Leonard Rothacker and René Grzeszick

On the Influence of Key Point Encoding for Handwritten Word Spotting
David Fernández-Mota, Pau Riba, Alicia Fornés and Josep Lladós

Generation of Enhanced Synthetic Off-line Signatures Based on Real On-line Data
Moises Diaz-Cabrera, Marta Gomez-Barrero, Aythami Morales, Miguel A. Ferrer and Javier Galbally

Page Segmentation for Historical Handwritten Document Images Using Color and Texture Features
Kai Chen, Hao Wei, Jean Hennebert, Rolf Ingold and Marcus Liwicki

Improvement of Context Dependent Modeling For Arabic Handwriting Recognition
Mahdi Hamdani, Patrick Doetsch and Hermann Ney

Mathematical symbol hypothesis recognition with rejection option
Frank Dennis Julca Aguilar, Nina Sumiko Tomita Hirata, Christian Viard–Gaudin, Harold Mouchère and Sofiane Medjkoune

Deep-Belief-Network based Rescoring Approach for Handwritten Word Recognition
Partha Pratim Roy, Youssouf Chherawala and Mohamed Cheriet

A Feature Extraction Method for Cursive Character Recognition Using Higher-Order Singular Value Decomposition
Mohammad Reza Ameri, Medhi Haji,  Andreas Fischer, Dominique Ponson and Tien D. Bui

Later Added Strokes or Text –  Fraud Detection in Documents Written with Ballpoint Pens
Ricardo da Silva Barbosa, Rafael Dueire Lins, Edson da F. de Lira and Antonio Carlos A. Camara

Document binarization using topological clustering guided Laplacian Energy Segmentation
Kalyan Ram Ayyalasomayajula and Anders Brun


Discussion – Voting for ICFHR 2018


Social Event – Tour to Knossos Palace



Thursday, 4 September 2014


Session 8:  HMMs for Handwriting Recognition
Chair: Joan Andreu Sánchez

A reevaluation and benchmark of hidden Markov models
Jean-Paul van Oosten and Lambert Schomaker

Improvements in Sub-Character HMM Model Based Arabic Text Recognition
Irfan Ahmad, Gernot Fink and Sabri Mahmoud

Training of On-line Handwriting Text Recognizers with Synthetic Text Generated Using the Kinematic Theory of Rapid Human Movements
Daniel Martín-Albo, Réjean Plamondon and Enrique Vidal

Towards Unsupervised Learning for Handwriting Recognition
Michał Kozielski, Malte Nuhn, Patrick Doetsch and Hermann Ney

Progress in the Raytheon BBN Arabic Offline Handwriting Recognition System
Huaigu Cao, Prem Natarajan, Xujun Peng, Krishna Subramanian, David Belanger and Nan Li


Session 9: Applications  II
Chair: Umapada Pal

Recognition System for On-line Sketched Diagrams
Martin Bresler, Truyen Van Phan, Daniel Prùša, Masaki Nakagawa and Václav Hlaváè

Rejecting both segmentation and classification errors in handwritten form processing
Claudio De Stefano, Francesco Fontanella, Angelo Marcelli, Antonio Parziale and Alessandra Scotto di Freca

Are Sparse Representation and Dictionary Learning Good for Handwritten Character Recognition?
Chi Nhan Duong, Kha Gia Quach and Tien D. Bui


Coffee break


Session 10: Writer Identification
Chair: Tierry Paquet

Combining Local Features For Offline Writer Identification
Rajiv Jain and David Doermann

Writer Identification Using a Statistical And Model Based Approach
Diamantatos Paraskevas, Gritzalis Stefanos and Kavallieratou Ergina

Writer Identification in Music Score Documents without Staff-Line Removal
Anirban Jyoti Hati, Partha Pratim Roy and Umapada Pal

Development of Handwriting Individuality: An Information-Theoretic Study
Sargur Srihari, Zhen Xu and Lisa Hanson




Poster Session 3

Local Co-occurrence and Contrast Mapping for Document Image Binarization
Nikolaos Mitianoudis and Nikolaos Papamarkos

Binarization of Degraded Document Images Based on Combination of Contrast Images
Alisson Arruda and Carlos Mello

Automatic Signature Stability Analysis And Verification Using Local Features
Muhammad Imran Malik, Marcus Liwicki, Andreas Dengel, Seiichi Uchida and Volkmar Frinken

Automatic Detection of Handwritten Texts from Video Frames of Lectures
Purnendu Banerjee, Ujjwal Bhattacharya and Bidyut B. Chaudhuri

Handwriting Normalization by Zone Estimation using HMM/ANNs
Joan Pastor-Pellicer, Salvador España-Boquera, Francisco Zamora-Martínez and María José Castro-Bleda

Recent Advances in Offline Signature Identification
Donato Impedovo, Giuseppe Pirlo and Michele Russo

An Approach of Strike-through Text Identification from Handwritten Documents
Chandranath Adak and Bidyut B. Chaudhuri

Binarization: a Tool for Text Localization
Paraskevas Diamantatos, Ergina Kavallieratou and Pilar Gomez-Gil

An Active Contour Based Method for Image Binarization : Application to degraded historical document images
Hadjadj Zineb, Maziane Abdelkrim, Cheriet Mohamed and Cherfa Yazid

A Novel Approach of Bangla Handwritten Text Recognition using HMM
Partha Pratim Roy, Prasenjit Dey, Sangheeta Roy, Umapada Pal and Fumitaka Kimura

Automatic Line Segmentation and Ground-Truth Alignment of Handwritten Documents
Théodore Bluche, Bastien Moysset and Christopher Kermorvant

Arabic font recognition based on a texture analysis
Kallel Faten Jaiem, Slim Kanoun and Véronique Églin

Towards Arabic Handwritten Word Recognition via Probabilistic Graphical Models
Akram Khémiri, Afef Kacem and Abdel Belaïd

Comparison of MRF and CRF for Text/Non-text Classification in Japanese Ink Documents
Soichiro Inatani, Truyen Van Phan and Masaki Nakagawa

Semiautomatic Text Baseline Detection in Large Historical Handwritten Documents
Vicente Bosch Campos, Alejandro Héctor Toselli and Enrique Vidal

A Sparse Coding based Approach for the Resolution Enhancement and Restoration of Printed and Handwritten Textual Images
Rim Walha, Fadoua Drira, Frank Lebourgeois, Christophe Garcia and Adel M. Alimi

Gabor Filters for Degraded Document Image Binarization
Abdenour Sehad, Youcef Chibani and Mohamed Cheriet

A New Text-Independent GMM Writer Identification System Applied to Arabic Handwriting
Fouad Slimane and Volker Märgner

A Noisy-Or Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Recognizing Handwriting Style Development
Gang Chen and Sargur Srihari

User Interaction Optimization for an Evolving Classifier of Handwritten Gesture Commands
Manuel Bouillon, Eric Anquetil, PeiYu Li and Grégoire Richard

Seam Carving for Text Line Extraction on Color and Grayscale Historical Manuscripts
Nikolaos Arvanitopoulos and Sabine Süsstrunk

Scribal Attribution using a Novel 3-D Quill-Curvature Feature Histogram
Fredrik Wahlberg, Lasse Mårtensson and Anders Brun

Online Signature Verification based on Kolmogorov-Smirnov Distribution Distance
Erika Griechisch, Muhammad Imran Malik and Marcus Liwicki

Document Writer Analysis with Rejection for Historical Arabic Manuscripts
Daniel Fecker, Abedelkadir Asi, Werner Pantke, Volker Märgner, Jihad El-Sana and Tim Fingscheidt

Graph Based Re-Ranking Method with Application to Handwritten Digits
Foteini Fotopoulou and George Economou

MultipleTraining – One Test methodology for Handwritten Word-Script Identification
Miguel A. Ferrer, Aythami Morales, Nayara Rodríguez and Umapada Pal

An application of LBF energy in image/video frame Text Detection
V.N Manjunath Aradhya and M. S Pavithra

Ground-truth and Metric for the Evaluation of Arabic Handwritten Character Segmentation
Yousef Elarian, Abdelmalek Zidouri and Wasfi Al-Khatib

Recognizing Glagolitic Characters in Degraded Historical Documents
Sajid Saleem, Fabian Hollaus, Markus Diem and Robert Sablatnig


Coffee break



ICFHR 2014 Competition on Handwritten Digit String Recognition in Challenging Datasets (HDSRC 2014)
Markus Diem, Stefan Fiel, Florian Kleber, Robert Sablatnig, Jose M. Saavedra, David Contreras, Juan Manuel Barrios and Luiz S. Oliveira

ICFHR2014 Competition on Handwritten Text Recognition on tranScriptorium Datasets (HTRtS)
Verónica Romero, Alejandro H. Toselli and Enrique Vidal

ICFHR 2014 Competition on Recognition of On-line Handwritten Mathematical Expressions (CROHME 2014)
Harold Mouchère, Chirstian Viard-Gaudin, Richard Zanibbi and Uptal Garain

ICFHR2014 Competition on Arabic Writer Identification Using AHTID/MW and KHATT Databases
Fouad Slimane, Sameh Awaida, Anis Mezghani, Mohammad Tanvir Parvez, Slim Kanoun, Sabri A. Mahmoud and Volker Märgner

ICFHR2014 Competition on Word Recognition from Historical Documents
Jackson Reese, Michael Murdock, Shawn Reid and Blaine Hamilton

ICFHR2014 Competition on Handwritten Document Image Binarization  (H-DIBCO 2014)
Konstantinos Ntirogiannis, Basilis Gatos and Ioannis Pratikakis

ICFHR 2014 Competition on Handwritten KeyWord Spotting (H-KWS 2014)
Ioannis Pratikakis, Konstantinos Zagoris, Basilis Gatos, Georgios Louloudis and Nikolaos Stamatopoulos


Panel Session