The following excursions will be available for ICFHR 2014 delegates and their companions, during the weekend before and after the ICFHR 2014 Conference.  For details and further information please contact Mr. Vamvoukas George (tel: +30 2810241415 – +30 2810241131 – email: cretaplan@cretaplan.gr).

After breakfast, we begin  to visit East  part  of  Crete. Firstly  we will visit the village  Kritsa, a beautiful Cretan village near Agios Nikolaos.  We  will stay there for a short time  for shopping, and then we will continue to the famous resort Elounda, where you can admire the beauty of the landscape.  There are several  luxury hotels in this area. From  Elounda we get a small boat to sail to Spinalonga island, 20 minutes trip.  We will be guided to the former leper colony, Spinalonga, and then we get our boat to return to Elounda.  We will visit Agios Nikolaos for coffee or refreshment before we get the way back to the hotel.



A scenery tour 3000 ft up the west slope of Dicti mountain is Lassithi Plateau.On the way we will stop at Panagia Kera cloister  with its nice Byzantine frescoes. Then we will continue to Psychro  and visit  the Dicteon Andron cave which is the birth place of  Zeus  the  father  of  gods  according to the  Greek  mythology,  an impressive sight with stalactites and stalagmites. Then  we will return to the hotel.

lasithi-plateau   Dicteon


We drive to South and we arrive at Gortis which is an extensive and important archaeological site of Crete. After that we continue to Phaestos which is situated on a hill overlooking the plain of Messara. This is the second most important center of Minoan civilization, built and destroyed at the same period as that of Knossos. After that we drive to Matala village at the South  coast.  We  will see there many natural caves.  Here is the place where the hippis held their first international   meeting.  Swimming  and or  lunch and  in the afternoon we get our bus to return to the hotel.



Departure from hotel and through Archanes village we arrive at Vathipetro (4 km south of Archanes) where we will see beside the others the ruins of wine making of that era (1580 – 1550 B.C.) Then we will continue to Peza where we will visit  a modern wine factory products where we will have the chance to taste some variety of wine, free testing. If someone wants to buy some wine he can do it on the spot. After that we will go to Myrtia village. Free time  for lunch and then we will  arrive to Thrapsano a ceramic producer area. Short staying there and then  we return to the hotel.



One day cruise to one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, to the volcanic island of Santori. The history of Santorini is the history of a volcano. A big blow up took place  at 1613  BC  causing three-quarters of the island to sink into the sea.
This catastrophe, including the ruins of highly, advanced civilization found at Akrotiri have led many to believe that Santorini is the legendary Atlantis. Santorini is magical, contrasting and cannot be compared to any other island in the world.

Departure  from Heraklion 08:20  –  Arrival to Santorini 10:25
Departure from Santorini 17:45   -   Arrival to Heraklion 19:40